We love supporting animal influencers creating special merchandise your fans will love. Vardise handles everything from design, production, fulfillment and customer support. Have a significant fan-base? Include your info in the form below for us to review. We're excited to do the heavy duty and turn the key to start for you! 

Here are the benefits that our partner will get:

1. We'll design your adorable pet and create the store for FREE and put into several useful products.
2. We'll give you profit royalty out for each item sold.
3. No hassle from your side. We take care of the rest (order, supply, customer service, return, and fulfillment)
4. You can do a market test at no cost. (no need to spend budget on creating artwork and inventory)
5. We provide the website platform to showcase the products along with a seamless payment processor system.
6. No need to do the laborious operational work be it adding products, give title and description to your store. All these operational work will be done by us.
7. On top of that, we'll give an exclusive discount coupon or giveaway for your loyal fans for their order.

For your reference, here are some of our influencer partners