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Introducing Kucicat's Cat Characters

Vardise loves cat so much! So that we understand sometimes cat behavior might resonate with cat lovers. To find like minded people in sharing their thoughts and feelings, Vardise creates these character for you! Enjoy :)

Kiki is a scottish-fold cat. She is a kind and lovely kitty. Her folded ears are what makes Kiki irresistibly cute. She loves helping and caring other furriends and asking her meowmy to share her cat food with stray cats outside the house. Kiki loves roaming around the block and meet other cats! Her meowssion is to spread happiness to other feline furriends.

Everyone must love Fufu the munchkin cat. The combination of short legs and big smile undeniably makes her the cutest thing ever. Fufu also loves making people laugh with her funny and witty personalities :D She is the clown of the show. She cannot stay calm, she loves running and chasing after balls. She is so energetic and lively!

Spoto the munchkin cat loves doing exercises. One of his favorite exercises is yoga. Having short legs and sturdy figure makes him look adorable and fierce at the same time. He finds peace by stretching his body and paws on a yoga mat. He is a sports addict! There is no day spent without doing sports.

Nedi is a calm and geeky boy.  This Golden British Shorthair cat has a beautiful golden color and always wears glasses. He enjoys spending his time reading novels, comics, and short stories. He usually finds zen by purring while reading. Besides reading,  he also loves coding.  One of his dreams is to launch his own website.

Exo and Exi are two excited British shorthair cats! Awesome grey hair and surprised look are what makes these tweenies lovely. They are very enthusiastic and eager to play around. Their hobbies are running around the house, chasing birds, and getting into a box together!

Travo is a traveler cat. His cute mustache makes him adorable. He loves to go backpacking and explore new cities. When he travels, sometimes he encountered different people who might look down on him because some people believe that "Black Cat" will bring unfortunate events. Regardless what people might have thought of him, Travo will always do good. The more he sees the world through his yellow sunglasses the more tolerant he becomes.  While traveling, he loves to share his stories on social media. He aspires to create a world better place by his traveling stories.

Lolo is a lovely Chinchilla Persian cat. She has golden fur with stunning blue eye color. Her warm personality and deep affection make she loved by everyone. To sit and have a quality time with her beloved one is her hobby. Lolo always treats all feline furriends with respect and kindness. Her nature of showing great care makes her furriends feel safe and protected. She loves a quote from Mother Theresa which says "Spread Love Everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier". Her dream is to be like Mother Theresa to bring peace to the world.

This Maine coon cat named Sara loves sarcastic jokes. She is laid back yet critical at the same time. She loves funny intelligence jokes. Sara doesn't care much about how she looks, but she loves to crack people up and think outside of the box. On the weekend, she loves participates at a stand-up comedy. The crowd loves her jokes and cynical opinion on certain issues.

Heho the superhero cat. As the name said, he loves to help people and fight against evil cat from attacking others. He'll definitely the first time to come in every fight. This American curl cat would give his best effort to protect the weak. Whatever life throws at him, he will come back stronger and rise up as a champion. A lot of cats and people praise his selfless act. No wonder all cats applaud him as the superhero in town.

Find these character on cat theme Yoga, Funny Cat Mom and Cat Dad collections! They are waiting to accompany your daily activities ;)
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