Vardise Partnership FAQ

How does it works?
Why do I need to create my own merchandise store?
What kind of merchandise do you offer?
Do I need to pay for anything?
How if I already have a store? Should I close my current store and just work with you?
What makes Vardise different from any other merchandise provider?
I checked on your website, are you only working with pet influencers?
How will I get paid?
What kind of design that you'll create?
How if I don't like the design that you created?
How if I still don't like the design after you have revised or re-created twice for me?
How many designs can you create?
Would you be able to create design outside animal niche?
What if i have my own design?
What dpi, color settings (RGB or CMYK) and resolution (pixels/cm) that my design to be in ?
Will I get the royalties even if I only sell one merchandise?
Could you give me a more in-depth explanation of how the royalties for each product were calculated?
Is there a contract or certain time frame or conditions required?
Will I be able to create just a short time campaign and sell merchandise in bulk?
Can I have all the 30+ merhandises to be publish in the first launch or store opening?
How do I ensure quality of the product?
Does the merch store offer different currencies or USD only?
Do you pay creators their royalties in USD only?
Can I have a try out period before I decided to create my own merchandise store with Vardise?
About the featured bio, can I write a quick introduction about myself in first person instead of written in third person about the creator?
Can you make plush?
What is entailed with a minimum plush order?
Could I buy from you wholesale?
Would you be interested in sponsoring a periodical giveaway?
What type of marketing do you run to help promote our partnership?

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