About Us

About Vardise.com
Vardise, formerly known as Kucicat, is a social media influencer merchandise provider. We help social media influencers to reduce hassle to create an official merchandise store by providing them end to end services.  We started working with cat influencers with huge followers/fans on social media to create their merchandise store. Now, we expand the platform to work with other animal influencers as well. In the future, we would love to expand our services to other influencers be it gaming, cooking, sport, art, music and more.

Animals are always on our heart. We love everything animal items because simply it makes us happy. We hope to bring the joy and happiness to animal lovers' around the world.

Our specialty is creating the design version of animals and bring it to life into useful products. We love to support pet owners who would like to be creative and introduce their story to the world through the merchandise that they can keep and wear.


Why us?
Inspired from the love of animal, at first Vardise was built to fulfill the thirst of animal lovers for stylish products. Now, we are also expanding our self to provide official merchandise for social media influencers and animal lovers.

Has sent over 40 countries worldwide, Vardise is committed to always give the best in shipping and carefully handling the items. Hard work and conscientious are at the core of our job in fulfilling orders.

Offering affordable price for products is something that we do to keep our loyal customer. We also ensure our customer get excellent service by offering a return and refund policy. Thus, we will always keep improving the website and updating our products for you.


Our Mission

Vardise would love to help social media influencers to reduce hassle to create an official merchandise store by providing them end to end services start from design, production, fulfillment, shipping, customer service, and storefront for FREE. Through these end to end services, social media influencers could save a lot of their time and money.

Other than that, we love to spread awareness about the importance of spay and neuter for stray cats in Indonesia. We see a lot of stray cats and dogs live on the street and the awareness of the society to take care of them is still very low. The stray cats eat mice or try to find food from the trash. They are going to one house to another begging for food.

We'd love to buy some foods for these stray cats and help a stray animal in need. The number of shelters is very low even in a big city. Beside the deep-rooted problem of the well-being of these cats, the number of cats keeps growing and there's the need to neuter these cats to prevent overpopulation. We would like to donate a portion of the profit to help stray cats. We hope our effort will make a difference in the community.

Any feedback and review are welcome. Contact us for any inquiries as your suggestions are highly appreciated. We'll continue to give excellent service to our customer.

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Thank you for stopping by and have a purrific day!