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About Vardise.com

Vardise is an internet celebrities or social media influencers official merchandise provider. We help social media influencers to reduce hassle to create an official merchandise store by providing them end to end services be it design, production, fulfillment, operations and customer service. 

By providing official merchandise store to internet celebrities fans, we are on a mission to bring the joy and happiness dear fans from the influencers around the world. Supporting the creativity of the social media influencers are the corner stone of what we do. 

Our specialty is creating the design that resonates with the influencers fans and bring it to life into useful official merchandise. We love to support and introduce internet celebrities story to the world through the merchandise that they can keep and wear.


Why us?
Create an official merchandise store like a breeze with Vardise. No need to go through all the hassle to source design do all the labourious work of setting up a store. Our pop culture expert and team will help you to create a successful store!

Having sent merchandises to over 40 countries worldwide, Vardise is committed to always give the best in shipping and carefully handling the items. Hard work and conscientious are at the core of our job in fulfilling orders.

We also ensure our customer get excellent service by offering a return and refund policy. Thus, we will always keep improving the website and updating our products for you.


Our Mission

To provide official merchandise store for each and every internet celebrities in the world are something that we aspire to do. To create one is supposed to be fast, easy and hassle-free! 

We would like to support internet celebrities to keep creating great content by providing great quality official merchandise!  

In addition to that, we continue our mission to help animal in need especially in Indonesia. We donate portion of our profit to take care of stray animal including spay and neutering them. We hope our effort will make a difference in the community.


Any feedback and review are welcome. Contact us for any inquiries as your suggestions are highly appreciated. We'll continue to give excellent service to our customer.

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