A Cat Daddy and A Dancing Cat Video that Got Viral on the Internet

If you ever have seen a viral video of a cat dancing with his dad and might wonder who they are? They are Kurt and Zeus.

Zeus is not your average orange tabby. This handsome gentleman LOVES TO DANCE and is always full of energy! Zeus and his Daddy, Kurt, started off their popularity by creating a funny video of dancing together.


The video became an internet sensation and got viral. As his dancing video with his daddy became viral, people know him as “The Dancing Cat”. Zeus and Kurt have been making videos for the internet ever since. They love to make creative videos with typical cat jokes inside! One of their videos even gets a lot of shares on Facebook group and 196K likes!


Not only that, they also create a funny Heist video


So, cat lovers, follow their fun adventure on their social media channel to get you smiling every time :)

You can also support their content by having their Merch!


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