Hi friends, 

my name is Tiffo and the black lady with me is my wife Chany. We are two house bunnies. 

Our story began on a cold autumn day when our human mom adopted us. We were only a few weeks old and we lived all together ever since.

Despite the appearances, being a house bun can be a hard job. The hardest thing of all is to wake mom up for breakfast at 4 a.m. ... she tends to oversleep in the morning! 

And we still do not understand why she is complaining every time we chew her phone charger... it’s so delicious no bun can ever resist. It’s not our fault! 

Apart from these things and the ‘kissing to death thing’ she does constantly every day, our house bun life is not that bad! 

We got delicious food, we are free-roaming 24/7 in the entire house and we are very much loved.

We are proud and HOPPY to welcome you to our shop. Best nose bumps 

Tiffo & Chany