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My pawrents just started their life together in a new home so they decided to get a friend. My dad was the one that picked me out of the litter because I looked like the smallest one. When they got me back home they realized I was so small that I didn’t know how to meow yet which they thought was the cutest thing. Then mom started noticing that the breeder they got me from didn’t really take good care of her kittens because I was having tummy problems every day so mom had to bring me to the vet. She helped me get better and made sure I only ate all natural foods. As I got older my parents started noticing that I have asthma. It’s really scary for mom when I cough but she sits there with me until I’m done to make sure I’m okay. My pawrents spoil me more then you can imagine, to the point where I don’t even want a sibling because all these toys are mine! I’m so happy my pawrents picked me because now
I’m living my best life !