Curly Snow


Hi, I'm snow and American Curl lives in Japan. I'm three years old right now and I love ball trick and cup. Here is a background story about me from my meowmy,
    "We first met Snow in a cat breeder house in Tokyo. He was the only kid left and all his brothers were sold. Because he was suffering from flu and epiphora, the breeder keeper wanted to find someone who can bring him to the vet and get health care. Snow looked so poor and was separated from other kitties, which made us feel so heartbroken and wanted to hug him tightly, and he returned his licks on our hands and slept in my arms. We loved him at first sight and immediately decided to get him as our family <3"
    I was so lucky that my family would like to take care of me at that time so that I can live happily now. Follow my journey on Instagram @curlysnow0915