My story with Panchita begins on November 9, 2017, when reviewing Facebook I see a publication of a kitten with unique characteristics that were given for adoption. This kitten that is Panchita had been abandoned. I didn't hesitate for a second to go for her. I called the veterinary clinic where I was going to be able to have her.
Seeing her was love at first sight. I knew it was different and I also knew that I had an extra chromosome. I published it on my Instagram and set a goal to get more information and search online for cats with the same condition.
This is how Panchita began to have many followers and her stories told many people around the world. Panchita has respiratory difficulties, her immune system is weak and currently fights gingivitis. Although all his teeth were removed, he still has that disease, but nothing stops him.
In Chile, Panchita is the kitten with the most followers on Instagram, and we always try to encourage adoption and educate about special needs.

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