Oliver was adopted because of Meowmy love at first sight.
"We went to pet supplies store one day with the plan to buy two rats. I noticed an orange tabby in the adoption center and walked straight past the rats and directly to Oliver. My husband, who did stop at the rats, turned to say something only to find me sitting on the floor in front of Oliver’s little window. He was smushing his face up against the glass and being super playful. I knew he was my cat. We talked it over and I filled out his adoption application while sitting on the floor. They contacted me that afternoon and he came home with us the next day".

Oliver has been with a wonderful family ever since. This two-year-old tabby has a hobby to sleep, beg for human food, and play with his two most prized possessions his wand toy and a crumpled paper ball. Follow his journey on instagram @oliver.and.company__