Nathan the Cat Lady is an actor living out in Hollywood who happens to live with 4 amazing cats. His 4 cats are Pickles, Ginger, Annie, and Princess. Nathan took Pickles and Ginger from his old roommate when he found out his roommates plan once moving out was to split the two up and give one away. Not wanting to see these two separated, Nathan took both of them in. 
A few years later Annie was found on the side of the road at 5 weeks old. Nathan took her in, with the plan of fostering until she found a home. Annie was immediately adopted by Ginger and has lived with him ever since.
Princess, who was rescued from a barn after her mother was killed, came to live with Nathan when he moved in with his new roommate and the two bonded right away, with her spending many hours perched on his shoulder. So Nathan now spends his days filming videos and skits with his many cats and is growing to the point of partnering with cat cafes and rescues in an attempt to use his following to rescue more cats. 

Follow his page @nathanthecatlady for funny videos, but don't forget to keep an eye out in film and television to see one of his many commercials or films.