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Monty aka Captain Monty/Monty Bear/Original Recipe is a hybrid macaw called Miligold macaw. He's a mix of Blue & Gold and a Military macaw. Born in August 2018. He's sour then sweet, loves to eat, responds very well to his name (especially when he's in trouble) and will give you high fives.

Merlin aka Extra Spicy Chicken is a hybrid macaw known as a Ruby macaw. He's a mix between a Greenwing and a Scarlet macaw. Born in August 2019. He's SUPER sweet, amazing flyer, and copies everything big brother monty does.

Our mission is to share a piece of honesty from our perspectives in living a daily life with Monty & Merlin. There's plenty of ups and downs but it has been absolutely educational. We've been through a good amount to share our experiences with our wonderful followers through social media. These rambunctious rugrats are a huge part of our lives and it means so much to see all the loving support we get from our fans. You guys ROCK!