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Mojito Rose is a Golden Retriever living in Cleveland, OH with her parents and furry siblings-Julep, Vader and Skywalker. On top of being a therapy dog visiting schools, colleges and nursing homes, Mojito is also enrolled in the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study helping to fight cancer. 
Vader cat was actually the first member of our pack. He was a stray kitty being neutered at his future daddy’s veterinary hospital job. When his Dad volunteered to bring him home to recover for just one night, Vader took this opportunity to claim his new home. He didn’t give anyone much of a choice and just refused to leave. 
Skywalker was another surprise kitty for our family. Daddy now worked at an emergency vet where a tiny half pound white kitten with too many toes and neurological issues was surrendered to the hospital. We agreed to bring him home to meet Mojito and Vader. For Mojito, it was love at first site. Skywalker returned the feeling. Immediately they became best of friends with Vader eventually falling for his new brother too. Skywalker grew into everyone’s favorite extra derpy cat with beauty guru dreams. 
Julep is the last to join our family. She’s an extra goofy one year old Golden retriever and she’s the perfect match to calm, reserved Mojito. She loves parkour class and playing with her siblings all day every day. 
We love getting to share our family with our Instagram friends and hope you love this collection as much as we do! To keep up with all of them please follow us @mojito_rose! 
Mojito Rose Men's T-Shirt
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Mojito Rose Semi-Automatic Foldable Umbrella
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Mojito Rose Shower Curtain 72"x72"
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Mojito Rose Shoulder Handbag
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Mojito Rose Custom White Mug
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Mojito Rose Casual Shoes for Women
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Mojito Rose Women's Slip-on Canvas Shoes
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Mojito Rose Custom Socks
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Mojito Rose Canvas Print 16"x16"
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Mojito Rose Zippered Pillow Case 16"x16"(Twin Sides)
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Mojito Rose Canvas Tote Bag
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Mojito Rose Women's Racerback Tank Top
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Mojito Rose All Over Print Snapback Hat
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Mojito Rose Pouch
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Mojito Rose Rubber Case for iPhone
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Mojito Rose Rubber Case for Samsung Galaxy
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