Meow York Kitties


Meow York Kitties family has two lovely kitties, Neyland and Knox. Neyland is a 12 years old male Tuxedo Cat, while Knox is a 9 years old male Turkish Angora. Both Neyland and Knox love begging for pets. We both love sarcasm!

"Neyland was rescued from the side of the road. I knew he was mine the minute I saw him! We've been best friends ever since! After a few years of having Neyland, I decided he needed another friend to play with, so I adopted Knox. Knox was rescued from a shelter, and he immediately stood out to me when I first saw him. Both Neyland and Knox are special kitties. Neyland has no teeth due to gum disease, and Knox has a fake hip! He had hip surgery at 6 months old, and he's been wall-sitting ever since!"

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