Maxie The Corgi


Maxie was my 31st birthday gift from my sister. Maxie's birth mommy and daddy (fox terriers) at least that is what everyone thought they were when they were brought home had a littler of four in June 2016, they were all black and white with tails and Maxie was the black sheep in the family born without a tail, he was tricolor and quiet chubby (wink). I was with Maxie looking after him every day from the day that he was born. His brothers and sisters too.

Maxie's birth daddy still lives with my sister and they often have play dates together. Maxie has an incredibly playful personality and loves to smile and pose, but he also just that little bit different. Maxie's fetching good looks, happy smile, squinting eyes, and unique ears are what I think people love most about him. But that is not the only reason people love Maxie they also love him because we are spreading awareness about adoption all over Maxie's social media platforms. Even though he is not adopted I feel it is important to help find rescue animals their furever home and to know what love feels like just like Maxie does.