This is Manson! Manson is a part of the insta-doggo community- best known for his Chewbacca sounding awooos, absolutely hilarious personality, throwing tantrums if he doesn't get his way, being extremely demanding by "yelling" in his Chewbacca rooos until he gets what he wants, and EXTREMELY overexaggerated reactions. Calling him a drama king would be an understatement! And of course- the name... he was actually named after Marilyn Manson! His birthday is February 4th, 2016.
We made his Instagram account in hopes he would brighten peoples days, give them smiles, and make them laugh. And BOY did he exceed our expectations! We get messages every day telling us how Manson always makes them laugh, brightens their day, helps them feel better when they're feeling down or have had a bad day... how they look forward to seeing what other mischievous things Manson is up to. We are firm believers that laughter is the best medicine, so all those messages really touch our hearts. It is absolutely incredible to be able to connect with all of you. It's a dream come true to be able to brighten your day and make you laugh. There is so much negativity in the world we live in today, sometimes you just need a break and be able to relax and have a good laugh! We are so honored to be where we are today and are looking forward to spending many more years meeting incredible people from all over the world.
We really hope that with our new store, you guys will be able to take some silliness with you to work/school etc and give you a smirk or some laughs throughout the day! Thank you so much for allowing us to experience this awesome journey and meet thousands of amazing people across the globe. We are so excited to be able to share Manson with you!