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Puma Messi was born in the Saransk city zoo in 30.10.2015. In honor of the upcoming football championship, the zoo direction took a decision that the cubs (there were three of them) will get their names from famous football players. Ours received the name Messi in honor of Lionel Messi. After three months of stay with his mother, the cub was sold to the contact zoo of our city (Penza), where we met in January 2017. It was love at first sight. So, we went to the contact zoo to talk with the direction of selling the cub to us. AND THEY DIDN'T REFUSE! We were so happy. This happiness even wasn't spoiled by the information that the cub is very sick and requires permanent attention. 
After there was hard work on teaching the cub to use litterbox (it goes often to the toilet because of chronic cystitis). We tried all the options and finally, the best way was found. Two strolls per day (in the morning and in the evening) and stairs to the bath - it appeared to be the litterbox of the appropriate size. After that, there goes struggle with rachitis and muscular atrophy. We give it vitamins, minerals as well as we have strolled, increasing the distance every day.
In four months it's already strong enough for three kilometers! There started shy attempts to jump. But for jumps, there was not enough strength as well as there revealed past trauma (fracture of the front paw, twice). We continued to increase the passed distance. And there was a bad surprise! After long strolls, the cougar started to limp on the right back paw. We took it and rushed to the vet. Summary: problems with coxofemoral joint (thin cartilage tissue and lack of grease) and again pills and biologically active additives. So if we couldn't make long strolls, we had to decide about another way of training, less energetic. At the family council, we decided: the baby cougar has to go to school! But who will train such an unusual pet? Hundreds of calls to handlers and cynologists and everywhere there was refuse. And once I heard "I trained bobcats and never cougars, let's try. Come to the test lesson" . and we attended the lessons four times per week. So our cat got friends.
Our cat is not large as described above it has very weak health and is less than the average cougar on 30%, in wild nature, it will not survive.
Messi has fascinated people all over the world and now he has more than a million followers on Instagram.