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Gonta is an Asian short-clawed otter living in Tokyo, Japan and he was born on 20th July 2017. Gonta's mommy had a serious illness which she thankfully survived, but as a result, she was not able to have children. This means Gonta is much more than just a pet to her, Gonta is her family and they have an incredibly strong bond. He was bought from a breeder, as his mommy dislikes illegal pet trade, otter cafés and what they represent. Since Gonta joined her, his mommy has gotten millions of joyful memories – but also a lot of chewed furniture and even destroyed phones. Gonta means 'naughty boy' in Japanese, and this otter is certainly living up to his name. While growing up Gonta tried his sharp teeth on many things trying to find his favorite toys, often also on mommy. Like all the Asian short-clawed otters, Gonta loves to juggle. His wild cousins use pebbles from riverbanks, but Gontas choices are spoons, screws, and especially his very favorite, a set of rings chained together. Gonta's Instagram features several videos of him juggling with the rings and even guarding them in his sleep, which has given him the nicknames Ringmaster Gonta, Lord of the Rings... you get the point! 
Gonta is very much a Japanese boy; his absolute favorite food is sashimi, cut raw fish, which he enjoys a lot and often makes a mess eating it. He also loves to snack on apples and persimmons. He loves swimming and taking baths, sometimes up to 8 times a day! Occasionally he takes walks in the park and swims in rivers. He has even caught a fish in the river with his bare hands – like his cousins in the wild! Proud mommy got this moment on video and her reaction is surprised, proud and really fun to hear, even if you don't speak Japanese!
Gonta's mommy shares moments with Gonta daily on the Instagram account @otter_gonta and it is full of cute and fun content, both in stories and main feed posts. Expect a lot of squeaking and whiny noises (Asian short-clawed otters are very vocal and have over 10 different sounds they communicate with), lots of cuddles with mommy, rubbing wet fur on towels after swimming, messy eating, various acts of mischief, trips to park... For an otter, Gonta has a very distinctive face with a little bit of grump and a lot of handsome. Gonta has already won the hearts of over 100,000 Instagram followers, and with a face and character like his, this is no surprise. Like with their Instagram posts, Gonta and his mommy hope to brighten up your day with these items, and bring more Gonta to your daily life!
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