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Dina Renee is a pop singer/songwriter originally from Knoxville, Tennessee and currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  She taught herself piano by ear at age 3 and started designing clothes at 5. Music, fashion, and photography are her biggest passions in life. You can view her artist page @dinarenee, photography page @dreamitdinaphotography, and she has transformed her home into a Barbie dream house Photoshoot space @hollywoodpastelpalace. 
Her music draws from her past experiences and connects with every audience through her fun and colorful quirky personality but also with her vulnerability and no fear in being herself. Her unique vocal style is a blend of retro pop and catchy hooks that will be stuck in your head.  This year she partnered with charities Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue and to raise money for rescue dogs and Saint Jude for children with cancer.  Dina is currently finishing up her EP that will add to her three previous releases as well as performing locally at many venues in Los Angeles.
Buy buying Dina’s merch you can help support her new music projects. 
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