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Coco had Britain mother with Russian Siberian father. He is 3 years old boy. His hobby is playing with toys and watching us playing World of Warcraft game :)

How was Coco adopted? It was winter. I was looking for a kitten in nurseries, in stores and in social networks. Prices for cats were very high. I accidentally came across an ad about a family in which there was 7 kittens. In this family the child was born and he's severely allergic to cats, chenille lips, and the child gasped in the presence of the cats. One day the woman wanted to distribute all seven kittens. When I met her in the subway, I saw white Coconut. I brought it home. He was white as snow, no red figures. He couldn't eat or walk. He was only a week old. I fed him from a pipette. He loved climbing the curtains and flied to the eaves. As Coco grows older, he begins to show fire red color on his face ❤

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