Blondie The Lovebird


Blondie is a lovebird that at the age of 1 started to lose his feathers because of the PBFD disease which affects the feathers and the beak. When blondie had feathers, he was always flying and being hyperactive all the time, but when this disease started to come around there were

some changes with blondie. Now that he didn’t have as much as feathers as before, his flying started to be really off, blondie couldn’t fly anymore.

When he didn’t have any feathers blondie was feeling sad, he didn’t want to do anything because he couldn’t do the thing he did the most, but we showed him other ways to explore and adventure without his wings and that’s when he stopped being sad and having as much fun he did when he had feathers.

It was really hard but the ending results of this battle between the PBFD disease and Blondie were worth it.

Blondie loves to explore, adventure, and sing even tho of his circumstances.

Thanks to Blondie, we now know that with every rainstorm there’s always a rainbow and that you should never lose hope on something, have faith, and never get scared of the situations that happen in your life, no matter how hard it is, don’t ever quit.