Badge and Leeni


Badger and Leeni were born in March and April of 2018 and were rescued by the Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw. Badger and his late sister, Mink, were found orphaned when they were just four hours old. They were both born prematurely and found with afterbirth still on them, freezing cold. Mink heartbreakingly didn't make it, but Badger held on for both of them. After a couple weeks in an incubator, he improved tremendously, but still had serious health concerns, including megaesophagus. Thankfully, with a lot of care and love from Hannah et al., he managed to grow out of the condition and no longer has to be fed in an upright position! 

Leeni came to Hannah a few weeks later by way of Mama Mia, a pregnant cat at full-term that Hannah was able to rescue. After Leeni and the 'meatballs' were born, Badger was assimilated into the group. Badger and Leeni hit it off from the beginning and it was soon clear that they were destined for a life together as the best of friends. 
Badger and Leeni's parents, Amanda and Nick, fell in love with them right away. They all live together now in Washington, DC, but the kittens definitely rule the roost. Badger is the sweetest tuxedo, who loves getting his chin scratched by dad and getting partial showers with mom. Leeni is a vocal tortie, who is mostly motivated by food and attention from anyone and everyone. Badger and Leeni can often be found cleaning each other, snuggling, sleeping, chasing each other around the house, wrestling, and climbing on every surface possible. They are deeply loved by many and we are so grateful for such a loving community!
If you don't already, you can follow these two and all their fun on Instagram (@badgeandleeni).