Ava was born on November 29th, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas among her four other sisters. She was the wrinkliest of them all! Soon after adoption, Ava’s mom, Sarang, took her to a local vet who, with sympathy, alluded to the inevitable financial burden of caring for a breed with a high incidence of entropion, and this puppy Ava in particular. The vet encouraged Sarang to return Ava to her original owners. Sarang respectfully declined this advice, because that simply wasn’t going to happen.
Seven years and a couple of entropion surgeries later, Ava boasts a couple of notable shares by highly revered supporters such as Snoop Dog and Fifty Cent, and the highest precision of tapping you’ve ever seen. She is well known for tapping her mom to get under the covers and slamming the laptop closed and has even been featured in Merrick’s dog food commercial! Ava’s first tap was a simple high five. Perfecting her craft, Ava has developed this skill further, tapping regularly for almost everything: potty, food, cuddles, playtime, and even water bottle caps. She also taps on behalf of her brothers Kobe and Bleu and foster sister GongJu. 
With her recent health scare due to the incurable Shar-Pei fever, she is getting back on track to putting on weight and getting healthy again. However, this diagnosis has not stopped her from tapping, and she continues to tap no matter what life throws at her!

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