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Welcome to the chubby tabby life of Aarian the Great! 
Aarian and his sister Tobi were adopted from farm life, as teenie tabby babies about 8 years ago. They were very bonded as babies, but as the circle of life goes..... Aarian got Tobi pregnant and they had 6 kittens. We adopted 5 of them out and we kept little Hunter. 
This dysfunctional tabby family is full of fun and laughter. Aarian is the leader in the family and will not take any cattitude from anyone! Tobi is 100% pure diva and will not hesitate to hiss at the boys as they pass by! Hunter.... well he is a rare gem, he loves to talk! If Hunter wants attention, he knows how to get it! His voice is like no other. 
I hope the crazy tabby life brings you as much happiness as it does to our family.